The DD Foundation

The Dave Dusick Foundation is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to providing support to families that have a child who suffers from a life-threatening or life-altering illness. This support can be personal, emotional or financial. The successful ending to Dave’s story is a result of the staff and community of the Riley Hospital for Children. As the only comprehensive children’s hospital in Indiana, Riley Hospital for Children has spent 85 years caring for Indiana’s children. Dave is just one of many who have passed thru Riley with outstanding results. By sharing his story, Dave hopes to raise awareness for this storied facility.

For this reason, the Dave Dusick Foundation currently donates all the proceeds from this project directly to the Riley Childrens Foundation.

“Healing comes in many forms. Whether it’s physically healing a child’s illness, guiding an emotionally broken family to hope, or providing children the strength to believe that no matter the hand they’ve been dealt, they are beautiful and strong. We understand that every family and every child who comes to Riley is looking for hope and healing.”

– Riley Hospital For Children


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