The I Know Dave Dusick Collaboration was the idea of a small group of Dave’s close friends. It started as good fun, but quickly grew into something meaningful. In honor of the 30th Anniversary of his miraculous defeat of an incurable cancer, Dave publicly told his story for the first time:


The story of the Dave Dusick that everyone knows started in May of 1978. At the age of thirteen months, I was diagnosed with a small tumor in my right cheek. It was Rhabdomyosarcoma, an incurable cancer. At that time, the stats went like this: one in a million kids got it…and none survived. I was given a 50% chance of living six months.

Within days, I was admitted into my new home, the Riley Hospital for Children. Over the next twenty-four months, I endured numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Thanks to the efforts of the staff at Riley, an amazing support network of family and friends, a whole lot of Prayer and one great big miracle…I was declared clear of all signs of cancer in the Summer of 1980.

Although clear of cancer, the result did not come without complication. Because of the extreme nature of the treatment, the cells in the affected area were damaged, along with my pituitary gland. In simple terms, they killed the cancer…and everything near it. The short-term result was a lack of a right side sinus and the prevention of the growth of an upper palette of adult teeth. Through the years, several minor obstacles were battled, but the most obvious long-term effect was to my physical appearance. As I matured and grew, the right side of my face did not grow at the same rate.

Today, I live with a few minor inconveniences, but for the most part, without disability or impediment. Sure, I look different, but hey…it’s me. Nicknames such as “the funny looking kid at Indy”, “the crinkle faced kid” and “Concave Dave” are not self-deprecating, they’re self-motivating. My life is a gift…and I’m grateful for the chance to live it.


Through turning his adversity into his strength, Dave has become a ‘recognizable’ figure in many professional and social communities. While not many know his story, it seems that no matter where you go, everybody knows Dave. He and the IKDD Nation hope to use this recognition to create a positive endeavor that benefits current and future families that have a child who suffers from a life-threatening childhood illness.



Want to follow along with Dave’s adventures? Check out www.DaveDusick.com and feel free to follow him on Social Media!
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